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Re: COVID on troubling course

Please partake in the questions below, no I am not an epidemiologist or a scientist but I am a person that would like questions answered about the reporting and information sent out by the ‘Chief Public Health Officer of Canada’.  Canadians deserve reporting that is case specific on the demographic of this ‘pandemic’.  The Canadian government needs to be ’transparent’ with the justification for what is being said by the accompanying numbers of this ‘pandemic’ to enable those to make the enlightened decisions for their ‘self’.

In the article published by the Canadian Press and then republished by local online media I am dumbfounded that the numbers and the trajectory is skyrocketing as much as it is.  My question is if each province has the mask mandates why is this happening especially if masks and social distancing works?  Then what is the demographic age groups the cases?  What is the demographic deaths in the country?  Why are the long term communities in care being hit so hard with the health authorities masking and PPE polices?  Is the Covid-19 vaccine that you are procuring going to be mandated to all Canadians?  These are just a few I need answered as a Canadian citizen. 

As you can see there is genuine concern for the communication and ‘transparency’ with these statements given by the Chief Medical Officer in this interview.  As per the “Emergencies Act”, ‘Public Welfare Act’, the government may not infringe on a persons Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Bill of Rights. Therefore the communication must sheer and to the point within your government.

Laura Clark

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