Plans for old McDonald's

Re: What should be built there

I believe if the ministry/city were to acquire the hostel on Abbot, with the McDonald’s property and the empty lot where the gas station existed, the opportunity for a single lane flyover overpass from Abbott to Water, is a great opportunity.

Gary Brandner

If the city is serious about developing the site in a way that benefits the community civically, the why not turn it into a Speaker's Corner similar to the one in London's Hyde Park. With the vandalism taking place at City Hall, an established location to publicly assemble and speak freely can be just what is needed. That rejected "Welcome" sign may be placed there along with a podium, benches, a water bottle refill station, lighting, bike docks, and parking. 

It's close enough to the highway that anyone who wants to protest or demonstrate can do so while both being seen and not dangerously close or interfering with traffic. People are going to express themselves one way or another so at least this way it can be done safely and legally.

Crystal Ward

From the first time I read, on Castanet, that the city settled on that property, I thought it would be the perfect place to staff an overdose prevention site. Many homeless people and people struggling with addiction hang out there anyways, might as well bring the overdose prevention site to them.

Jaymie Makohoniuk

I sure hope that our famous for tall builds Mayor isn't looking at putting up another tall building with his buddies. They say access is not very good.

A nice green space playground or park would be nice. Let's hope the Mayor is on board with this.

Dan Dalzell

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