Lets just get through this

I don't understand how Superstore can let un-masked people walking through their store. "People who have medical reasons don't have to wear a mask" 

And they now have had two employees test positive.

Bullcrap! There are face shields available!  

Nobody likes wearing a mask! We are all in this together. 

You may be asymptomatic or spread covid to someone else who has mild symptoms. A runny nose or a cough. But do you really want to be that person who puts someone in the hospital because you don't want to cover your face for 30 mins while you go shopping? Or cant stand thought of not going to a party?

Yes all of us want to be able to get together with out friends. It's hard for everyone!

To those demonstrators crying about their freedoms and rights being taken away. You are insulting your grandparents who actually experienced this! Your acting selfishly for what? Because you think it's a hoax?

The government is trying to control you? Come on!

Ask yourself. What advantage does the government have to shut down the economy? Create more debt, increase homelessness, mental health crisis, overdoses? 

Do you actually believe every single world leader collaborated and said in January. Let's create a pandemic!

The world needs a reset! We can kill off a bunch of people. Create an economic collapse, prevent people from travelling.

Come people! Use those skills you learned in school and the rationale you had before 2020!

We ALL want this to end. If we keep fighting it we will be dealing with this longer!

Alicia Ferri, Kelowna

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