Spread joy, not germs

I wanted to share a moment that happened for me on Sunday November 22. A mom and her little boy were coming through one of our tills at Costco. I have a pen which is about a foot long and it's a hand. I kind of call it my Covid hi-5 pen. The little boy saw my pen and really liked it and they wanted to know where I got it. I said wait a minute I have something better.

So I quickly grabbed a little light spinner pumpkin head toy that I have and wiped it down and gave it to the little boy. I told him that I used it when I'm scared or if I'm ever overwhelmed and it runs with hope kindness and magic. So the spin inside lights up. He was absolutely in love with it and amazed and I said just always have hope, always believe in magic. He had taken his mask off at this point and his mom had asked him, "where is your mask?" It was in his pocket. She said "remember we spread hope and kindness not germs!"

She said it with such patience. They went to walk away and a little boy came running back and said wait I forgot to give you some thing. It was this heart he had made the day before.I just want to say to that mom what an amazing job she's doing. On the off chance that she is reading this, thank you thank you thank you because that moment with him and her absolutely filled me with such love and hope. It turned an otherwise very heavy and difficult week Into such a special and heartwarming moment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It reminds me that we all need to create little moments. Because those are the ones that will be like magic.

Sherri-Lynn Leusink

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