I'll take Trump over Trudeau

Trump said they would have an approved COVID vaccine by the election and begin inoculations by the end of the year. Give or take a few weeks, and with many sceptics eating their words, he was right. And in spite of his many many major flaws, give him credit on this one issue.

In the meantime, Trudeau Jr. is only now telling us that we will be waiting for months - Mexico, most EU countries and the US all have their own vaccine production capability. All he has done is negotiate contracts for when everyone else has already received their inoculations. We are at the back of the line among the G20

Thanks  Mr. Trudeau - you are an abject failure. The real question is will Enough Canadians finally call you out for the real con man you are, or will you once again get away with your pathetic and incompetent leadership?

Shawn Thomas

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