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While surfing the net recently I discovered a new comedy on something called Nutflix. It's called Manufactured Home Park Boys. The pilot introduces Gary, Ray, and "Nerd". No one knows what  Nerds real name is. Gary lives in his 1973 Grand Torino and Ray in his mothers Manufactured Home crawlspace.

Nerd lives in the park with his unemployed father who is on house arrest. They fancy themselves as " The Three Trumpeteers". Given their far right-wing political leanings, it is surprising that they comprise a very diverse group. The setting must be in Canada. The plot involves these three pals being pissed off at mask wearing becoming mandatory. This requirement will interfere with their favourite activity of drinking and smoking weed. Gary cites " The Charter of Fights and Freedoms " as justification for their plan to spray paint City Hall and convince society to bow to their selfish , delusionary reasoning.

The three do the deed while wearing their distinct marijuana leaf masks to cover their identity. Ray had created a " No to Socialism" Go Fund me page in order to raise cash for the spray paint and gas while hoping to scam a few extra dollars for more booze and weed. He did manage to raise about sixty-three dollars. While celebrating their successful mission, they all got arrested for it due to Rays' mistake of using his real name on the Go Fund Me  page.  

The episode ends with the boys being released on bail. Sadly, they did not learn their lesson due to their inability to understand most of the words that were said and read to them upon release. I am looking forward to the next ridiculous episode.

Ralph Perrich, Kelowna

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