Weed the beach please

Our beautiful beaches are at risk due to government's protection of weeds.

So this is one of our prized public beaches. Rotary Beach is one of the beaches that creates our tourism dollars.

You can thank the weed hugging Fish & Wildlife Department for not allowing the community to PROPERLY deal with the weed issue that is overtaking our beautiful lake!!

When I moved here in 2001 the beach near my place had ZERO weeds in it. Trust me. I am a prairie boy and having a sandy beach was an amazement to me and I cherished it. But starting around 2010 I noticed the weeds were starting to appear and in about 2017 there were weed islands appearing all along the shore from the El Dorado up to the bridge.  You actually had to avoid them while boating.

If you try to dig out the weeds the Provincial Government will come down like the wrath of God on you.  And so here we sit. 

The weeds break up and wash onto shore.  Then the geese and duck move in and eat the weeds that turn the weeds into excrement (bird shit) that creates other bacteria and disease and then you see what the results are in this attached picture.  It looks like a sewage spill and it sure stinks like one!

The weeds WILL kill our much-needed tourism dollars and they need to be eradicated within 200m of the shorelines

The Government needs to get off their “Save the Weeds” program and start to REALLY deal with the REMOVAL of the weeds once and for all.

If we don’t clean out the weeds today it will become a terrible smelly issue tomorrow.

Just sayin’

Bill Ferguson

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