Let's talk about freedom

As seniors, with underlying health conditions, we have lost our freedom.

There are those in our society that claim that their freedom has been infringed upon due to being told to wear a mask.

“The government is not telling me what to do” they say. Why would you think that caring for others is infringing on your “freedom”?

Are there no seniors in your family? No one with health conditions?

When I see people without a mask, not bothering to social distance and still partying, I think they must be selfish/narcissistic people.

Then there are those of you saying that when the vaccine is available, “no way am I getting it”. It will be too new.

Did you know that there needs to be a certain % of people vaccinated for our community to be “safe”?

Will we ever be safe to leave our homes?

The worst of all this is how we have been denied our family celebrations and our gatherings with friends.

We have 4 children and 6 grandchildren – they have always been great to gather with us on special occasions (all in BC but only one in our city).

Well, Easter was cancelled, then summertime visits, then Thanksgiving, now Christmas!

Christmas has always been a favourite for me! This year, I do not care to listen to Christmas songs and am dragging my heels about decorating.

Getting together with family & friends is what is the most important thing about these occasions!

We are social creatures. We need social interactions. Many of us need affection, caring & love. Most of us are missing hugs!

As long as we have selfish people in our community, I can’t help but wonder when we will be “free” again.!

Lynda McGowan

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