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Re: Stream more concerts

I totally agree with the sentiment of Jenine Tepsa's letter and the desire for more concerts. I definitely encourage her, and all music fans, to check out the websites of their favourite artists & bands to find out what they are up to. In most cases it's not a matter of "letting" bands put out a livestream event; rather, it comes down to the band itself having the desire and the capacity to host that type of event. In the past couple of weeks, we have seen Metallica put on their annual All Within My Hands fundraiser in a virtual setting, and the Foo Fighters also livestreamed a concert performance.

These are some of the largest acts in the world and it takes a band of that calibre "doing it first" to inspire and show the way for others to follow suit. I would imagine that, since we likely will not have in-person concert events though 2021, we will see other bands that had touring plans scuttled by pandemic begin to put on these virtual concerts as a way to reconnect with their fanbases (and, importantly for them to continue, generate some revenue) in the months ahead.

It's a different experience, but as a lover of live music, we have to take what we can get and support our favourite artists.

Richard McAdam, Kelowna

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