A small price to pay

When I was growing up I was taught, (both at home and at school) that just as all coins have two sides, all rights have responsibilities.  The responsibilities balance the rights and are there to ensure we don’t engage in behaviours that put others at risk.  A drivers license gives us a right to drive, but not a right to irresponsibly endanger others. Therefore we have the responsibility to slow down in school zones, stop at all red lights, and yield to emergency vehicles.  

The right to enter and shop at retail establishments (which are private property, not public spaces) includes the responsibility to not constitute an unnecessary danger or source of fear for other shoppers and the retailers.  Refusing to follow the legislated rules should, and does, leave us open to punishment.  

Our police and the courts, aided by the criminal code are charged with the job of doling out fines and other penalties including incarceration for people whose irresponsibility, ignorance and arrogance causes them to endanger others.  The anti-maskers claim that they are championing our civil rights, but they’re really just trampling our right to shop and gather safely and without fear.  I wear a mask in public because as a responsible adult I find it a small price to pay when I’m in places with other people who may be at risk.

P.S.  I’m one of the too few people out there who make a point of wearing a mask properly.

Jay Stewart

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