Glad sign was rejected

Re: Welcome art not welcome

Congratulations to 6 of the 9 City of Kelowna councillors who voted against the proposal to include “public art” as part of a welcome sign for the northern entrance way. 

Mayor Basran believes  a sign indicating welcome to our city needs to include a bunch of stone characters of various sizes to indicate we are moving away from our traditional roots.

I quote "It's inclusionary, it's diverse, and indicative of a city that's moving away from its agricultural and tourism roots," said Basran.

Really? Like it or not agriculture and tourism are the roots by which Kelowna grew and prospered. Where are we moving to? A developers paradise?

Lastly the signs proposed location is wrong, in my opinion. All those so called non-tourists who arrive everyday by air to spend money in our city will not see a welcome sign. Why does it have to be unique?

Quickly, name one entrance sign you saw anywhere that had public art attached and you thought...wow does that ever say this city is inclusionary, diverse and moving away from something? What total nonsense. 

Robert Hepting

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