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I believe many people confuse social programs with socialism. I don't think many people really understand what socialism entails or how it operates. I believe society has been gradually seduced into believing that the concept of socialism is utopia. It is far from it. One only has to look back in history to see that every system of domination and every political tyranny has been predicated on oppression. Some readers complain there is a 'lack of depth' to editorials, while others criticize the inclusion of 'conspiracy' theories.

Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are one of the few freedoms we should protect as even that seems to be slowly and methodically being removed. Unfortunately I believe too many people accept every dictate from authorities without question. Does it mean those who don't accept it and question it are wrong? We as humans will never completely agree with each other but we should still be entitled to our right to speak out and speak our minds, regardless of what others think. I believe Castanet has done a pretty good job of allowing many opinions to be published. So kudos to Castanet and other social media who are willing to publish these letters.

Mary-Anne MacDonald

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