Taking back our park

Whitewater Mobile Home Owners and Residents have taken their park back by forming the first ever Whitewater Mobile Home Owners Park Association.

One of the only Family and Pet friendly parks in Penticton, owned by W.V.Income Properties and previously managed by Stanmar Services has been a going concern for home owners in the park and the community for over 20 plus years. The passive inaction of previous property management has led to the formation of an association working under the Penticton & District Mobile Home Owners Association P&DMHOA.

A 12-member board with over 80 years of combined living in the park who were tired of being labeled, worked closely with P&DMHOA to form an association where we can take pride in our community and assist other home owners under the P&DMHOA umbrella. Consisting of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Security, Social, Newsletter editor, as well as five (5) other directors, look forward to working with the new property management, ReMax.

ReMax Property Management, who took over Whitewater in April has taken over numerous mobile home parks from Stanmar and definitely have their work cut out for them. By forming an association, the WWMHOPA hopes to form a trusting, working relationship with the owners W.V.Income Properties and ReMax to improve home values, keeping the best interests of the park and its community in mind.

Positive action taken by the new association and its members will make all the difference. We have seen positive results thus far with ReMax, after their October clean up as well.

This is a new exciting experience for several of the members of our association and I personally wanted to shout out to everyone, Kudos to you, for stepping up for your neighborhood!

Tammy Fitzgerald

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