You are not a doctor

Re: Biden should get tested

I sure hope you are a professional in the cognitive field of medicine. Perhaps you should do more research before pointing a finger. Biden from childhood suffered from stuttering and all his life he has had to deal with it.  

Your uneducated guess, if that is what it is, does nothing more than ignite disbelief and agreement amongst the citizens of the same ilk and spreading false information  has got to be stopped right now.    

So if Mr Biden, the next president of the USA, the most powerful person on earth, can deal with a stutter, then surely you should be able to deal with it too and not be so righteous. I lost a brother over the same crap as he too believes that Biden because he stutters at times is mentally challenged.

So Mr Thompson, may i ask does your belief have the same consequences as those who need heart transplants, strokes, hearing loss, PTSD, other medical defects?   

Dale Dirks

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