Biden should get tested

It is not out of the realm to think Joe Biden has or may have MCI (mild cognitive impairment).

Upon watching his interviews and stump speeches over this past year, it is clear he shows the symptoms as outlined by health experts who work with dementia patients.

It is troublesome to think that this man, who is now the leader of the most powerful nation on earth, has a hard time completing sentences or even remembering what he answered 2 minutes prior to being questioned on his party’s platform. The videos, and there are many, are self evident to his confused state of mind when under stress.

It is hoped that those who are close to him, both family and colleagues, will be honest in their assessments of his condition as they move forward.

MCI is nothing to be ashamed of. Joe being 78 years old can be forgiven for speaking and saying nonsensical things. It is up to those closest to him to monitor the severity of his condition so it does not impair his decision making for everyone else.

Robert Thompson     

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