Flatten the curve is snake oil

To the people out there still trying to say that we need to "flatten the curve".

Does anyone even remember what "flatten the curve" was about? It started because we did not want our healthcare system to be overwhelmed. Guess what? It was never even close to being overwhelmed, not then and not now.

Talk of hospitalizations have fallen off the map. Why is that, I wonder? Could it possibly be because there are less people hospitalized from Covid across BC, currently 84 people, than the 161 hospitals in BC that can manage them?

Let that sink in for a moment. The hospitals in this province are dealing with less than one severe covid case per hospital. This, at a time when our province has seen its "largest hospitalization spike" since the beginning of the pandemic. Doesn't seem very sensational when you look at it that way does it?

So, can someone explain to me why I'm supposed to be so afraid? Why my father-in-law can't get proper health testing at the hospital or labs because of Covid restrictions? Can someone, please for the love of God, explain to me how our officials can sit there with a straight face and say "We need more restrictions" when the healthcare system is not even CLOSE to being taxed.

Flatten the curve is snake oil.

I know it's a real virus with real effects, but I'm beginning to think that "Covid" is a mental illness, not a physical one. With how illogical the response has been, can you blame me? The numbers simply don't add up.

Michelle Cartmell

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