Stop all the complaining

Stop complaining about COVID restrictions. Just whining about a little inconvenience shows selfishness at its worst.

The fear is real for COVID. If you are reading this letter you are smart enough to read the science. If you don’t care if you get COVID fine but don’t take away other people’s good health.  Don’t play God with other people’s lives, you have no right to. Personally, I think that spreading a deadly disease should be criminalized. The government has to protect us all, like it or not. Half the world doesn’t shut down for just the flu. Get a grip.

By not following the rules you are just making everything worse for everybody else. It’s time to stop being selfish. You will just lose more of your freedom if you fight.

The health authorities are not telling us who remains sick for months later or even for the rest of their life. They just report who died and who didn’t. Think about it this.

If you think you look stupid wearing a mask, think of how stupid you will look with tubes in all the wrong places in your body if you get really sick. We don’t know who is immune to this virus.

It’s people with money that seem to be the problem. You travel, you party and host your freakin friends during a pandemic. The working poor are the ones that suffer most. Stop it!

Lockdowns are going to get worse. Either evolve or die or be alone because you won’t be in good company. Most of us want these restrictions You should be grateful. Stop whining like teenagers you old people who don’t care if you get COVID.

If you don’t like it go to the USA or China. You will be forced to change your habits sooner or later. Life is not going back to normal for a long time, if ever. What about the next pandemic? In three years...?

Wake up people.

Debbie Belair

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