More COVID nonsense

So the Interior Health region has suffered its third death since the "pandemic" began. This was such a milestone that the CEO Susan Brown actually had to make a public statement saying “This is a sobering reminder of how deadly COVID-19 be...." Whilst it is a tragedy for the individual involved, who was in his 70s, it is hardly justification for curtailing everybody else's lives. Surely the even greater tragedy is that now this poor man's family and friends will not be able to all attend his funeral, nor gather together to celebrate his life. If anything it is a sobering reminder of how little is being achieved by the various states of lockdown that we are subjected to.

How is it that Ms. Brown doesn't publicly send her condolences to all the families of those that have died from overdoses in the same period? Heart attacks? Cancer? Road accidents? If she did she would be a very busy lady, but of course these deaths don't fit the narrative that we are all at risk of death from a terrible and deadly virus. In fact there are 91 other people who have the virus in the Interior Health region, but none of them are sick enough for hospital treatment, in other words what they are experiencing is nothing more than a case of flu. Does this mean we are going to have daily reports through the winter of how many flu cases there are? Of course not.

Also reported earlier was the latest offering from Dr. Tam, who has mysteriously managed to keep her job as Chief Public Health Officer despite her obvious incompetence, who now confirms what we already knew: 80% of the deaths in Canada have occurred in care homes.  This is a virus that can kill people who are old and sick. The fact that it has killed so many is a damning indictment of the poor quality of our care homes, particularly in Quebec, however it should not have been a green light for the panic measures that continue to take place.

Our esteemed Prime Minister last week took a break from trying to avoid awkward questions from the ethics committee and announced that the government was solely focused on "fighting the pandemic" and "being there for Canadians."  Wow, all our government ministers and the 300,000 government employees are all just fighting that pandemic and being there for us, that is so reassuring. Come on Justin surely you can make up a more convincing story than that. Perhaps you would be better employed trying to find ways to pay off the $350 billion in debt that you have dumped on us all.

Peter Emery, Kelowna

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