We are being divided

After viewing Castanet's coverage of the vandalized City Hall, as well as reading Shawn Thomas' letter of October 27 (To the city hall vandals), I would like to share an observation. It appears that yet again our country is being divided. This time it is regarding the government reaction to, and possible overreach of the coronavirus restrictions.  

In one camp we have a large group of Canadians whose incomes, savings, and stability have been taken.  This group numbers in the millions and encompasses people who can't work from home and are not deemed "essential".  They have been forced against their wills onto social assistance.  They tend to question the data and the extreme actions taken based on this data.

The second camp seems to encompass people living in fear of coronavirus, and those that push that fear.  With the constant bombardment of covid-19 information by media, PM Trudeau and Dr. Bonnie Henry it's understandable why many are fearful.  But who would push this fear?  Who benefits? 

I suggest it is made up of folks who haven't suffered financially through these restrictions: Politicians who have barely worked since last April with almost no scrutiny yet are paid in full complete with a raise.  Unionized and government workers who aren't working (or are working reduced hours) but whose paycheques are paid in full and on time. Major retailers like Walmart and Amazon are rolling in dough.  Big Pharma has never had it so good.  

It is likely that if those in group 2 were feeling the pinch of group 1, we would have followed Sweden's example - a country that didn't institute restrictive measures, didn't have massive job losses, didn't take on massive debt, yet are no worse off than we are and definitely far better off than Quebec.  

Yet, somehow I feel the fearful don't care. 

Robert Brown, Cranbrook

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