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Re: NDP win is a loss for BC

Regarding this reader's ideas they do make a lot of sense. Do not be so hard on the younger generation, we must take a look a two things first the parents and family and secondly the education system.

The first place where I was introduced to elections was in my house. My parents both were strong advocates that children should be first taught at home, and this is what they did. We were informed what our parents ideas of the different parties were and then when we reached thirteen we accompanied them out to vote, we learned what was required to vote and how to mark a ballot. We taught our daughter in the same way she went with us to vote here in Vernon for the first time at the age or fourteen. She is now thirty and votes in every election she is eligible for.  We taught her to vote for the candidate that best represents her ideals and will represent her.

I grew up in Saskatoon and my high schooling was in the sixties and at that time in most schools the subject of elections, voting and parties was discussed within the social studies classes. The teachers explained how to vote, why we vote, a broad description of the three parties at that time Liberals, Conservatives and new CCF(now the NDP).  We were tested on this, but it was not part of any mark, we had discussions and debates on the subject.  On election days the teacher would hold mock elections in class with privacy for voting and the results. 

Now I think in many cases both of these teachable moments are being missed and if parents would take more interest in explaining to their children why and how to vote more would vote and maybe understand what the parties are talking about. Our education system must also take more of an interest and teach their students impartially the meaning of voting.

Garry Haas, Vernon

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