Where is our leader?

The coronavirus is winning. What has happened to Canadians? We are winners not losers.

Well I will give you my opinion why we are losing. Leadership, period. Both levels, that is national and provincial leaderships.

We, as a nation of people are waiting to be gathered! Lead us, give us a plan, give us a direction and we Canadians will band together and kick this virus back where it came from. We need someone to gather us up and give us a distinct protocol for all. If it’s masks, everybody wear them, social distance no problem, wash your hands, that’s easy for everyone. The difficult part is lock own, but if you gather everyone with a plan  that will have a significant result then have the balls to mandate it. If you think about it for a bit, the economic outcome from a two-week lockdown can be dealt with with an immediate and focused subsidy rather than drawn out and endless disbursements of billions of dollars the government is currently “practicing."

Come on Trudeau, come on premiers, this is a national and a world wide crisis, get together as a group and lead us.

If testing and tracing is so paramount, why has our leadership not pounded this science into our society!? Where is it? It’s been nine months, why has our leadership dropped the ball and not mandated our scientists to roll out this program in record time? Where is our leader?

Enough debate, enough talk, enough politics! For goodness sake get it together or get out of the way so someone with a real back bone and real vision can do this for us Canadians, stop being a loser and lets take down this pandemic.

There is no reason, other than leadership, that we cannot have the same results as New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan etc. Come on, those nations have nothing over us.

Ray Gagnon

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