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Re: Andrew Wilkinson's resignation

Andrew Wilkinson was defeated as much by an unfair electoral system, FPTP, as he was by his inability to connect with voters. The Liberals share of the vote dropped by only 5 or 6%, while the NDP's increased by only 5%. However the resulting increase in the NDP's seat count was about 30%.  FPTP awarded the Liberals more than they would have received under a fair electoral system, PR, where seats are awarded proportional to the per cent of the popular vote.  FPTP awards disproportionately more seats to the party whose votes are distributed most efficiently, in this case the NDP.

Voters know which system we should be using. In a recent cross Canada poll, over 80% of respondents, voters from all political parties, were supportive of a proportional system.  Isn't it time political parties adopted a fair electoral system.

Daryl Sturdy, Vancouver,

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