To the city hall vandals

Re: City hall vandalized 

An open letter to the City Hall taggers,

So even if the survival rate is 99% - which it is not, as it is lower, particularly for your grand parents or people with other conditions - 1% of the Canadian population is about 350,000. Is this an acceptable number to die? That is over 3 times higher than the Canadian deaths in World War I and II combined.

And don't conflate your argument as either or - either return to normal or shut it all down. That is not what this is about.

It is about responsible steps to manage a deadly and highly contagious virus while at the same time doing our best to maintain a social and economic system - something made easier if we simply wear a mask, socially distance, limit large gatherings and wash our hands. And do so without causing our health care system to crash.

If you can't do that, dismiss science, and care so little about your family, friends and broader community, then you are a lost cause and I can simply say I hope you don't get sick.

In the meantime, if you have something to say - feel free, that right is still front and centre. But grow up and participate in the debate and dialogue. Don't have a baby meltdown and deface buildings and waste tax payers money. You do your argument, such as it is, a huge disservice.


Shawn Thomas

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