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Re: Orchards don't need help

It’s easy to target a home sitting lone in the open not surrounded by a wall of city homes and mansions. The price of an apple orchard is directly reflected from and dictated by the residential real estate next door to them. A 1990 home worth $150,000 now sells for $750,000+ in Kelowna. A starter home in Washington sells for $45,000 today. Washington economy, real estate, topography, taxation, water rights, government subsidies is entirely different from the BC Okanagan

It is sad that you can not see how the apple industry is failing and see all their input costs to operate rising every year. Look back in history of the orchards from 1990 when the apple industry plummeted and the orchardists cut down their apples trees for hay and wineries.Then the public complained that hay and wine was not food. It took 25 years for the orchard industry to start to recover when a newer variety of cherries came along. Subdivide in ALR is not an option for farmers per our provincial government regulations.

Washington dumping their cheap apples in BC is not the farmers fault nor is it when China decided not to buy BC apples because of the two government negotiations going sour, or when our government gave away Okanagan water rights to Washington (Columbia River Treaty).  

Do we need to wait for another 25 years before we realize that we needed to help and revitalize the apple industry. 

You choose hay, wine or apples? 

M. Armar

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