Each rink has different rules

I am grateful that the arenas have opened their doors and they are doing a fantastic job at trying to protect us Ringette/hockey/indoor sports players from the spread of Covid-19.  

However, I wish that all the arenas in the Okanagan would have the same rules. It seems each rink has its own set of rules, and it's very confusing and frustrating. One arena, won't let us change 15 mins beforehand in a dressing room, while the other does, or one arena doesn't enforce a mask rule, while the other does. Same with spectators.  Some arenas allow parents to watch their kids play, while others don't. 

It would be nice to have some sort of blanket rule to prevent confusion. As a referee I travel from arena to arena and I can't remember who is doing what. I can't imagine being a parent, wondering if I can or can not watch my child play hockey. 

Alicia Ferri, Kelowna

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