Loans should be for all

The Trudeau government recently announced a $221M business loan programme for Black entrepreneurs.

Why? Do not other Canadians start businesses the same as Blacks?   

Government should offer equal opportunity for Canadians with tax supported ventures.   

A loyal Black friend, Eric, and I were pilots in the military. Eric flew on my wing, trusting his life to me. I flew on his wing, trusting my life to him.

Our friendship extended to our homes and social events.

We were united companions in defence of our country, Canada.   

Handouts and divisive politics did not make him a superb military Canadian pilot. Hard work and determination did.

I have post military era Black friends, Tina and Walter.   

They often associated with me and my wife at our home, their home and at other social events.  Walter and Tina became leaders in their and my faith community.

Mark, their son, was one of the finest young men in our youth group.

At about age 19, Mark joined the Metropolitan Toronto Police because he wanted to contribute to society.

On July 31st, 2020, Mark (Saunders) retired as the Chief of Police in Toronto, a position that he earned.

Mark became the Chief in his profession because he excelled, not because of his colour or a special race-based government program granted only to Blacks.    

His parents became leaders in their religious community because of their hard work and faith, not because of their colour, handouts or targeted sympathy.

I have educated Middle Eastern neighbours, wonderful people who entered Canada legally 27 years ago.

They love this country’s freedoms and serve in our community because of that love, not because of colour, religion or vote buying government programmes.

Eric, Mark, Tina, Walter and my neighbours are loyal Canadians and friends.  They did not receive voter targeted loan programs that cause divisions in our society.

For our government to suggest that Black entrepreneurs can’t be successful in business without government support, while others can, is an insult to those it purports to help.

The $221M business loan should be open to all Canadians – be they Black, White, Native, Hispanic, European, Middle Eastern, Asian or any other – or none.

Repeat government corruption (ethics violations, WE payoffs, tax-payer funded MP holidays, firing of honest Vice-Admiral and MP’s, etc.) causes one to wonder how much of this business loan money, if not all, will be distributed to political friends.

Garry Rayner, West Kelowna

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