The people deserve to know

Does it not concern anyone else that "pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Canada is the latest to express concerns about the [pandemic] probe, which is the subject of a Conservative motion that will be voted on in the House of Commons today."

I want you to really think about that. Big pharma is concerned about our government looking into how it handled the pandemic. What in the world? Why would they care? Unless they have a vested interest in the information being scrutinized or the outcome.

These are the same people that are "industry experts" that rip people off over health care, and have a very keen interest in keeping people sick and medicated.

Does this not raise giant red flags for anyone else? Because it should. A large pharmaceutical company is "concerned about the 'likely unintended consequences' of such a review."

The people deserve a review. We deserve to know that the Canadian money spent on this was sent to the appropriate places.

We, the people, should be who dictates the government, not Big Pharma. We, the people, deserve to know. I don't care what side of the isle originated the idea of a probe, after 9 months of this, we deserve to know.

Michelle Cartmell

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