Where should we park then?

Re: Help the plow, park off road

I find it a real joke that AEL is asking people not to park on the roads during the snow season. Here in West Kelowna, there are so many new apartments that don't even allow one stall for parking when you rent. You must pay for a stall or park on the road. In one neighbourhood, it is all duplexes and every single one has a secondary suite in it which under the guidelines theses suites are not allowed, but they all exist, and because of this there is numerous vehicles parked on the roads because these units don't have enough room for all the people renting where they shouldn't be. 

People even tow vehicles of friends and park them on our street. Bylaws states that these vehicles need to be insured and moved once every 24 hrs, which they don't. Bylaw has attended and vehicles have tickets put on windshields and yet they sit for months and bylaws never return.

Others bring their work vehicles home and park them on the roads and even though they have a driveway to park them in they don't because their personal vehicle is parked there and they are too lazy to move one when they want to use the other. 

I have noticed signs for the new apartments going up and they state even though there will be 86 units there will only be parking for 43. So where do you expect the people to put their vehicles during the snow season?

L. Taylor, West Kelowna

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