Not all received pay

The feel good article regarding the BC government and the promised pandemic pay is not an honest article. It will be viewed as fake news by thousands of marginalized front line workers in BC.  These workers will not be sharing in any pandemic pay. Although they changed diapers, cleaned up soiled sheets, bathed residents, fed and did their laundry, washed their dishes, cleaned their bathrooms and their rooms and put themselves in the path of this virus,  they will not be in receipt of any pandemic pay. The people who did get the pandemic pay were unionized workers working in government supported facilities only. Front line marginalized workers who were/are employed by fee for service care homes and not receiving government monies are not eligible.

This article does not tell the whole truth. There are thousands of workers who performed the same tasks as those who received this money, but they received nothing. It is no coincidence that the NDP timed this payout at this point before election day. People who think socialism and fairness under the NDP is the way to go, are in for a rude awakening.  

Robert H Thompson

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