Orchards don't need help

All one has to do is take a drive in rural Canada, and see the orchards dotted with palatial mansions. Orchard land is selling for nearly record high prices, and things look like they couldn’t be any rosier. Currently orchard lands are selling for upwards of $100,000 an acre — and there is no shortage of buyers.  

If things were so bad on the orchards, one would expect land prices to fall to bargain basement prices, and those palatial homes complete with luxury appliances and furnishings go for bargain basement prices.  In contrast, orchard land in Washington State can be had for $15,000 an acre, and you don’t see the palatial homes there, despite all the subsidies the Trump government is giving farmers over there.

I say to any of the local apple growers here if you don’t like the prices, EXIT, or subdivide and sell your palatial mansion, and your luxury cars.  It is a choice to farm apples, or cherries, so why should the government get into the business of corporate welfare. The government is not helping the ailing petroleum industry in Western Canada, so why should fruit growers be any different. If one squanders the good times by building a palatial mansion when apple and cherry prices are good, why should the government come to your aid?  

There are far greater concerns with the many small businesses that are permanently closed due to the pandemic, and the people that are out of work. Orchardists should stop making a fool of themselves by having an apple fire sale at 12 cents a pound, because they are not suffering obviously.

Robert Hogue

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