Clean up after your pet

As I walk through my neighbourhood, I am dismayed at the amount of dog poo there is on the sidewalks.

I don’t understand how people can be so blind to not know their pet has relieved itself in the middle of the concrete.

Perhaps it is not blindness at all but rather a total disregard to being a responsible pet owner and consideration for all those that use the sidewalks.

If you don’t have a bag with you, which you should have, at least kick it off the walkway.
The other issue is those pet owners that pick up the poo but leave the plastic bag behind for someone else to pick up.

There is no dog poo fairy that is going to come by and clean it up people, use your head.

Please be a responsible pet owner as well as a good neighbour and clean up after your pet.

Brian Godfroid, Lake Country 

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