BC voters deserve better

Like all the other elections of the past, this one will end up on the wrong end of the fairness spectrum.  As in 2017, the Greens are running at 16% in the popular vote category, and as in 2017, will end up being relegated only 3% of the seats, thanks to the unfair electoral system we continue to use.

BC voters will continue to be forced to use strategic voting, to pick the lesser of two evils instead of who they'd really like to vote for, furthering the inequities of FPTP.

Voters in many areas of the province, thanks to Balkanization brought on by FPTP, will vote with no hope that their votes will count i.e. will go to electing someone from their preferred party. Only around 50% of the votes will actually count.  Compare this to countries using PR where over 90% of votes count.

One of the 2 major parties will, with only 40% of the popular vote, rule over the other 60% for 4 years, discarding policies and programs of the previous government, wasting time and taxpayers dollars in the process.

BC voters deserve better and want better.  In a poll after the 2018 referendum, over 60% of BC voters wanted a fairer electoral system. This was mirrored in a cross Canada poll.

Daryl Sturdy, Vancouver

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