Trying times

These are certainly the most trying times in recent history with the pandemic and what is going on politically in North America. South of the border the incumbent President has not agreed that there will be a peaceful transfer of power should he lose the election while here in Canada our PM prorogued government in an attempt to put an end to the WE scandal and subsequent investigation into his families cozy financial ties with the organization.

His hopes were that when parliament reopened that all would have been forgotten and we would all be focused on the pandemic and the debt that he is racking up at historical levels. Utilizing his drama skills to the fullest he showed indignance and outrage when Conservative leader Erin O’Toole put forth a motion to create an anti-corruption committee to look into the We scandal. Trudeau’s family have been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars and flown around the world for speaking engagements and then Trudeau tried to award WE a multimillion dollar fee to distribute government funding to students. No other group was given consideration including any government agencies that were already on the federal payroll. Keep in mind that Trudeau has already been found guilty of ethics violations twice since becoming PM and once previously when he was an MP, does this fourth issue look like a pattern of contempt for the rules our political leaders are supposed to embrace and govern by?

Trudeau called for a non-confidence vote over O’Toole’s suggesting an anti-corruption committee be established threatening a snap election and Canadians would have had one had Jagmeet Singh and his the NDP not backed Trudeau again. Singh and the NDP enjoy power beyond what a fourth place party with only 24 seats in the House of Commons would normally have, he only does so by propping up Trudeau’s minority government and obviously Singh did so to retain that power.

Now Trudeau is spinning the fable that there aren’t enough resources in our federal government to form a committee to investigate the recent We scandal and any corruption as it would take away valuable resources from pandemic response. Really? Statistics Canada figures from 2016 show 145,000 federal government employees working in the National Capital Region, I would bet that number has increased during the past four years.

Last I heard our national debt for this year is $288 billion so why not borrow a few more million and hire professional outside investigators or turn it over to the RCMP for investigation, aren’t investigations part of their expertise? I was brought up believing that in democracies leaders were held accountable for their actions, were not above the laws and were not beyond being investigated when it appeared they were in violation of those laws. It would seem that Trudeau with the help of the NDP hold enough power between them to prove those thoughts to be wrong in Trudeau era Canada. If there is no wrong doing why oppose an investigation? What is happening to democracy?

             Guy Bissonnette, Lake Country

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