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Dan Ashton sure is spending a heap of money on negative advertising. Why isn't he instead running on his party's platform? Why is he still talking about only projects from 5, 7, and 10 years ago? It is simple - he hasn't found his way in opposition and he hasn't been able to be effective in the past three and a half years.

Dan and the BC Liberals have no idea how to solve problems around housing, the opioid crisis, or affordability that they helped create through negligence. John Horgan's team has kept us safe through the pandemic and are working to ensure that everyone can benefit through our recovery, not just those at the top. 

We can't have an MLA that is focused on negativity, and with Dan, that's all we've heard for the past three years. Critique from an opposition backbencher with no real power in government will be about as useful to our region as a concrete parachute, or an ejection seat on a helicopter. We need someone who can champion solutions for our region, someone with an influential seat at the table alongside John Horgan.

Toni Boot has the experience to get things done for our region. Penticton hasn't had representation in cabinet in over 30 years. Toni has the ear of John Horgan and will be a serious contender for a cabinet post. That is worlds better than electing a pen without ink. 

Tina Lee, Penticton NDP

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