Build wider roads

Re: Boucherie work planned

Just a thought.  If today this road has 8,000 vehicles travelling on it, yet it has to be closed for seasonal work each year… then maybe it should have been four lanes!

I have a problem with the governments in this valley/province building half-assed roadways in this valley. 

Why is the bridge only five lanes instead of six?

Remember the overpass on 97/Westside Road that collapsed just after it was built.  Yes, that has two west bound lanes below it but if I am not mistaken there are three lanes coming off the bridge.  Why wasn’t that overpass built to accommodate current flow requirements as well as future expansion of the roadway below it?

Why wasn’t an overpass built at 97 and Sexsmith road?

Why isn’t there a full roadway connecting KLO and Spall/Springfield to allow traffic from the Mission to travel directly out through Glenmore without having to zig zag six ways from Sunday to get there?

Why is Pandosy and Lakeshore shrunk down to two lanes??

I could go on and on but I think you can see where I am going with this.

We need City planner with forward and logical thinking.

Just sayin’

Bill Ferguson

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