The left hates free speech

In response to your article,"Free speech rally crashed", it seems that the left has now openly do not support free speech.

Example No.1-Twitter's action of not allowing the NYP's article to be not retweeted or shared.

Example No.2, the counter-protesters who attacked a peaceful demonstration. And whoever wrote the second line, "attacked by critics" should be fired for being lazy of not finding out who attacked Team Save America. It seems that reporters do not care or are lazy about the background of the stories. It seems that a story comes into the news room and they just copy it for us. No background or investigations into the story.

P.S. Do you think the counter-protesters were just KKK members or members of the Proud Boys? Haha. You can bet your booties that some troll (or some commentator on MSNBC or CNN)will come up with this conspiracy theory.

Doug McNair, West Kelowna

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