Dan Ashton's absence

Today in my social media feed I got an advertisement from Dan Ashton taking credit for something that happened when he was mayor of Penticton - almost a decade ago! That’s right folks, Dan was mayor and left for a higher calling, a fact many conveniently seem to forget. He has a strong socioeconomic status that allowed him to pay for his by-election but unfortunately his absence still lingers.

Here is the thing, I haven't heard anything from our MLA for years. During the pandemic our MP Richard Cannings held digital Town Halls every month with experts in health and economy - thousands tuned in. He rode across the riding doing socially distanced coffee chats. Meanwhile, I haven't seen anything from our MLA during the whole pandemic. Where was he? So many folks in our riding were struggling. Other nearby  MLAs were offering resources, doing outreach. Where was Dan? The BC Liberals have floundered in opposition and Ashton has been entirely ineffective. Our riding needs a much stronger voice if we are going to get through recovery. We'll see another John Horgan government, guaranteed, likely even a majority if you listen to all the candidates, and where will we be - locked out of decisions on an opposition backbench, with our MLA at best flinging critique via Twitter

If Toni Boot gets elected in the interior, she will stand every chance of getting a cabinet post. Her record of action on climate change, her commitment to child care, her experience with agriculture, her understanding as a small business owner, her work alongside tourism sectors - this is the voice our region needs. How often does our riding have the opportunity to wield influence? We'll have none with Dan, and amazing representation with Toni. Nothing personal Dan, you're just not in a position or party that can best help our region. Be smart with your vote.

Ajeet Brar, Penticton

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