Nothing is 'free'

I shudder every time a politician says free! Really? Seriously? 

What do you mean by free? 

Merriam Webster Definition of free: not costing or charging anything.

So free means nobody pays? Again so how does a politician expect to provide something free like “free childcare” Sonia?

What they mean is us taxpayers who no longer have children in fact subsidize those who do. So we paid to have our children in childcare but now we can pay for those who have children now, so in fact we are paying twice.

Everybody likes free if someone else pays. How do you feel if you pay but get absolutely nothing for your money?Isn’t it great that politicians think they can buy your vote with your money! Any time I hear. Politician say “invest” I hear bribing us with our money!

Yes I know I am a fossil who only spent his life working (and paying taxes) to improve my life for me and my family by sacrificing my comfort and life comforts and to put off enjoying my efforts until I retired. Now they want to disregard everything I sacrificed to pay for “free stuff” for those whose vote they can buy with my money. You do know the rule of what goes around come around don’t you? For those who think they are getting free stuff be prepared to pay more than your fair share in the future. Yer welcome!

Robert Hepting, Kelowna

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