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In any Election voters need to ask some important questions.  Has the present government focussed on citizens’ interests or on their own interest?  Has the present government been truthful and kept their promises? Will a new government serve citizens better? Here are some important facts every voter needs to consider in this upcoming election.

Population of BC – approx. 5M; Total number of cases of COVID19 – approx. 11,000;

Total number of active cases (Oct. 13) approx. 1,500; only 1.58% of tested people are positive.

CDC USA – 70% of new COVID 19 cases in September wore some type of face mask, less than 4% of new COVID 19 cases never wore a mask

Have all the restrictions saved lives or not? Have they impacted small and medium size businesses, families, students unnecessarily?  Just look at the unemployment rates, domestic violence, suicides, drug overdoses, alcohol consumption; they have all increased dramatically.

Why is there so much fear? Why the need to control people? Where are we being led? Is there a hidden agenda? Do we need to fear this virus? Do we need to fear a loss of our rights and responsibilities?

As Margaret Thatcher once quipped, “The problem with socialism is that you always run out of someone else’s money,” and the results are fatally disastrous. Socialism is recognized as the leading man-made cause of misery and death across human history.

We are at a crossroads and the future of the citizens of British Columbia is at stake in this election. Vote for the Party which will truly serve the citizens of British Columbia.

Brian E. McManus

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