Those are Liberal tent cities

I honesty could not believe it when I saw the ad "A Liberal government would end tent cities and keep our cities safe."

Was it not the Liberal practice of gutting social programs and  lack of support  that started tent cities ? The homeless shelter crisis, it's not a problem, it's a crisis, started years ago when Gordon and Christy's governments ruled the roost . 

There is a shortage of affordable housing, supportive housing etc. province wide. A problem that seems to be getting worse.

Lately we have seen development in  Kelowna of new supportive housing. It's a start, but demand is high and supply is short and I suspect this is the story province wide  The NDP led Government  has been working hard at improving this. Tent cities are meant to be temporary. It will take time and a lot of effort to correct what in reality is a Liberal mess and end tent cities .

What would be a more appropriate TV ad from the Libs is " A new Liberal government will correct its Liberal predecessors mistakes and help with the homelessness crisis."

David Wood, Kelowna

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