Having trouble with voting

I for the first time in over forty years I am having trouble deciding who to vote for and here is my take on the three parties.

The first is a party for the union, it depends on their support to get elected. This may be why the lower mainland (the highest density of union employee in BC and the greatest concentration of seats. Could this be why all the super contracts worth billions go to closed union shops, most of which are in the Lower Mainland with the blessing of the party. It is a fact that their are more non-union workers in BC than unionized.

The leader of this party is taking credit for our success with Covid-19 but the person responsible is Dr Henry.  This party made many promises to get elected but upon checking I find that most of them are still unfulfilled or only partially. This party ignores the rest of the province as is evident of the money he spends on projects here, the little help for small and medium business. From what I can find out his plan for reviving the economy is poor and does not help those that need it.

The next party can only hope for a minority government to make a difference, but the last time they did this they got nothing and look what happened the other party called a snap election. They are trying to be a major party but should concentrate on what they stand for the environment.

The last party seems to be for the for all sizes of business but seems to associate with large business.  This party has some good ideas but instead of coming up with their own is piggy backing of other parties ideas.  The leader did not make enough noise in the legislature on critical items and this is causing many to think he does not care.  The leader seems to aloof and superior in his speaking and facial expressions.

The thing that bothers me is that both federal and provincial parties are either spending or planning on spending into the hundreds of billions of dollars.  Who pays for the us the taxpayers, how by higher taxes or cutting back on services.  As a retired person this does not affect me to a great extent but our daughter and people of her age are looking at ten to twenty years to pay this off.  How are they to save for their retirement?

I will vote as usually for the candidate that I think represents my ideals and fight their constituents and hope it is the party that I like.  But I will vote I have not missed any election in fifty-four years and will not start now.

Garry Haas

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