Scary roads on Westside

There are two roads I have travelled on this year in West Kelowna that scare the s**t out of me and I have a pretty robust vehicle.

Westside Road is still in need of major improvements to straighten out tight curves and shore up sliding embankments. And a few more guard rails would be nice.

The Glenrosa escape route, in case of wildfires, is a 35km gravel road adventure full of pot holes and washboards. Anybody with a small car could never escape in needed haste. Here the cost to provide a safe exit isn’t that much. A grader, some gravel and regular maintenance.

People’s lives are at risk and it’s going to get worse.

In advance of the Oct. 24 upcoming provincial election ask the candidates what they are going to do about this.

Steve Burke, West Kelowna

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