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This went to all federal NDP and Green party MPs today.

Dear Member of Parliament,

The federal NDP and Green party member’s discussions about forming a one-time temporary strategic alliance to address issues including electoral reform is very exiting news.

Changing the system will put both parties in the history books as being instrumental in transforming Canada into a truly democratic society opening the doors for everybody to participate in defining the future of Canada.

The all-party national survey spearheaded by former NDP MP Nathan Cullen asking Canadians how they felt about our electoral system, produced a 392-page report that also reflected the consensus among all members of the EFFE committee.

The report made it very clear Canadians want electoral reform and the vast majority of them want some form of a Proportional ballot.

Giving all voters the freedom to vote for the party of their choice to make sure their party gets its fair number of seats in the Parliament according to the popular vote, and then another vote to support the candidate they believe is going to best represent them, regardless of what party that candidate is associated with makes the Proportional ballot unique.

It is by far the most fair and inclusive ballot there is, and is more unifying in a multi-cultured society like Canada, while it empowers the people.

It will also help diffuse that hatred and racism we are told is permeating our society.

Our confrontational political system is destroying what could and should be the most desirable country in the world to live in.

Looking at Canada through the eyes of immigrants who were born and raised in truly democratic countries, this destruction is mind-boggling, and begs saner people to intervene.

It’s also a historic opportunity for you, as our elected Members of Parliament to put an end to that confrontational and divisive political process we have been witnessing during the last decade.

We know what we need, we know what the people want, let the national survey be the referendum. We need this to happen now.

Andy Thomsen, Kelowna

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