Respect our officers

The people, that would be you and me, elect officials (MP’s, MLA’s, City Council) who we expect and entrust to put laws/bylaws in place for our safety and the protection of property.  The officials also need to enforce the laws they have enacted, the laws that we have asked them to enact, so officers of the law are hired; our police forces.

Now we come to the “other” people who totally ignore the laws put in place, and even worse, the people who seem to think they have every right to not only ignore the laws, but to also confront and abuse the people we employ to uphold and enforce our laws  -  our police forces.

Now I’m pretty old,  but I was taught as a child that I needed to respect everyone and everything around me;  that philosophy seems to have disappeared from todays society. For some reason you now have the right to ignore the rules of law,  and whomever attempts to enforce the law, don’t take any notice whatsoever of their requests, instruction, order to act with any sort of civility,  just get mad and fight with them because you are now some kind of hero. 

Yes, O.K. we have seen some stupid things happening, we have seen some terrible and disgusting things that have happened, and yes there are some people for whom the job of law enforcement is not a good fit. But, if we had some respect for our officers of the law, if we respected the law itself, and why wouldn’t we because those laws were put in place for all of us, then maybe there would be a lot less idiocy happening.  

And don’t forget, all of the video footage that we tend to see, it’s all just “one side of the story," it didn’t start “at the start," and there is rarely any sound-track to give the verbal interaction.  I don’t want to get into B.L.M. or systemic racism, that’s a whole and huge other issue and is in my opinion not necessarily applicable to the City of Kelowna. 

But in a lot of the situations we have seen, are seeing,  just ask yourself, if the “perp” had shown some respect for the law and police officer,  if the person being stopped, questioned, arrested,  if that person had shown respect for the officer and had listened or obeyed instructions being given, would the outcome have been different, would we have seen videos of violent take-downs?   

Another question, and maybe media outlets who appear to enjoy showing these violent take-downs as we gather for supper could get these answers,  how many police/suspect interactions happened on the same day so we could get a percentile, are these violent and obnoxious take downs 100 per cent of our police interactions, are they 50 per cent, this is something we really should know before we start changing the rules on our policing needs and requirements.

So if we are going to rewrite our approach to policing,  then it must start with the responsibility that we, the people, have to RESPECT OUR OFFICERS.

Malcolm Roberts, Kelowna


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