I am done

A message for Bonnie Henry and all the others who have messed up mine and everyone else's lives for no good reason.

You really screwed up kids sports. I am having a very hard time mentally with this, my kids are gaining weight, they are hooked on the electronics. I hate you.

Let's start talking about things that affect real life and not this stupid COVID panic job that has turned everyone's lives upside down.

I do not know how to express my frustration, hatred, pissoffery, whatever it is any more. 

I can understand why they are burning it all down south of the border, how long do think until it starts here?

Now i get to vote? What is the point? I am master of my own domain, yet that doesn't count when everything is shut down around me. It matters not who is "in charge" you all have far exceeded any mandate you think you have.

I don't care about the government. Just leave me alone.

I am done, no longer participating. Just take whatever it is you think is fair, I give up.

Just a lowly serf,

Jeff Frank

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