Depression isn't contagious

Re: There is no future for me

A couple of weeks ago I sent a very depressed letter "There is no future for me" to the editor with a very nice response from the readers.

I would like to thank all who supported me with positive comments.

Unfortunately i am still depressed and anyone who knows what depression is like, it doesn't just go away.

This Covid-19 virus isn't helping. Before the virus i could at least go into public businesses for a quick in and out but not safe for me or people like me.

I know a lot of people think the virus isn't real, I'm glad for those people but please still wear a mask for us believers. 

We need to openly talk about suicide. Yes it is a shame when someone ends their life. 

People need to learn the signs.

Depression is a big part of suicide victims, loss of a job, loss of a spouse, debt, loneliness and so much more.

People who commit suicide shouldn't be called coward or stupid. 

Some suicidal people just need to learn life will get better, i believe it will get better but know not over night.

If you know someone who is depressed instead of asking us if we are ok. Ask if there is something you can do for us. It might be as simple as someone to talk with or a hug, unfortunately not during Covid-19, there are lots of nice things people can do to help us.

Listen and learn why someone you know is depressed. My depression isn't debt or job loss. My depression is loneliness, helplessness and the loss of loved ones.

At the beginning of Covid-19 they said if you know someone is alone, call them, well it's the same for depression. If you know someone is depressed CALL THEM, don't ignore them because YOU think they have something YOU can catch. As far as i know depression isn't contagious.

If you keep ignoring your depressed friend or loved one doesn't it kinda make it your fault when they finally end their lives? 

I am a depressed person asking for help. I know i'm not the only one.

Unfortunately prayer isn't always the answer. Some of us used to pray but have stopped because we still feel the same way for years and years.

I know time is important to everyone but I also know everyone has five minutes every day and can call a depressed friend even if it's just for a few minutes just to check in and ask "how are you doing today" or "what are you up to today." 

I know you get tired of the same answer but for us, who have no one, it means so much knowing someone cares.

You don't have to check in everyday but please don't contact us once a week or once a month. Too long without a call may be too late. You would be upset with yourself if you forgot to call your friend or loved one and found out they ended their life. So don't be too late and call your lonely friend or loved one.

Let's all openly talk about suicide before it's too late.

Thanks again to the people who asked how to contact me, even if you couldn't help with what i was looking for. It meant a lot knowing strangers care.

Stay safe, wash your hands often and CALL a lonely or depressed friend.

John Stevenson

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