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Open Letter To Mayor Basran and Kelowna City Council,

We have a problem here in Kelowna. 

It goes by the name of the Kelowna RCMP and you seem to be fine with it.

More than fine with it, actually. Complicit. 

The culture in the Kelowna RCMP is toxic. Romanchuk, Mundle and Haugli have all allowed it to continue. You have done nothing to stop it. You don't speak against it. You don't condemn it. You hide from it. 

Oh pardon, Mohini Singh and Loyal Woolridge showed up to one protest for Mona Wang and then silence again. 

We have five officers in court right now. Who knows what else they are getting away with. 

I've seen three officers stop to put cuffs on one man at a bus stop. I've seen officers harassing the people without adequate housing on Leon. Always people who don't feel safe to speak out against them. 

We pay $16,000 a day as a city for the RCMP. The same people who are supposed to protect us are the ones abusing us and we pay them.

You just gave them 2.5 million dollars more. Why? 

I've asked to meet with one of you in the hopes of you advocating for a meeting to discuss this all of you. That was a week ago. Still waiting even though you said yes. There is more than these cases going in that detachment. There is a culture that needs to be addressed. 

We have a problem. You are part of it. 

You need to help fix this.

No more closed door meetings. 

No more "We are talking and working on it".

No more empty promises. It is time you start listening and taking action. 

Heather Friesen 

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