Spending out of control

Liberals won power long before Covid 19. They promised to improve our country’s infrastructure by spending a ‘modest’ $10 Billion and that they would balance the budget again.

The promise was immediately broken.  They spent recklessly.

Our debt reached approximately $30 billion during the first year of JT Liberal rule. Balancing the budget was totally ignored.

We all need to understand that deficit spending forces us, our children and theirs to pay exorbitant taxes, perhaps for a lifetime.  Everyone loses except the elite who run the country (and certain privileged charities).

The government foolishly threw money into one wasteful waste bin after another, many billions of Canadian taxpayer dollars. $62 billion in their first quarter!

Revenues were good. Taxes on our citizens were harshly increased for ‘climate change’ and particularly to assist the UN and WHO, two overpoweringly Chinese Communist influenced organizations.

Prosperous times were wasted. No money was saved for a rainy day.

Little was mentioned about infrastructure until 2020 when the government scrambled to find records for their claim that 50,000 infrastructure projects had been accomplished.

They claimed to have found 30,000 but were short by 20,000, so they said they were ‘confidential’.  Since when have infrastructure projects become ‘confidential’? Where did the money go? The billions we had to pay!

Some estimates are that had the Trudeau government followed the fiscal policies of the Chrétien government and run small surpluses we would have entered the Covid 19 era with roughly $95 billion less in federal debt.

The rainy day came.  It was a full-fledged category 5 storm of almost insurmountable severity.

The ‘Covid 19 Storm’ killed thousands and revealed that the cupboard was bare of protective equipment and finances.

The economy crashed and businesses went bust while our government swallowed the WHO propaganda hook, line and sinker!

Covid 19 moved us from a $28 billion deficit to $343 billion in 2020, and more than one trillion of debt!

The Throne speech presented nothing to help Canadians.  More debt. Liberal spending of billions on a Green New Deal with no plan for recovery.

More regurgitated promises that were broken previously.

A shut down of our forest and oil industries.

Next? Keep Parliament closed, probably call an election to end all debate about serious corruption.

It’s time to stop this reckless, incompetent elite Liberal PM and cabinet with our vote.

Garry Rayner

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