Obama deported many too

Re: Hootsuite cancels ICE deal

In response to your article Hootsuite cancels Ice deal, I sincerely hope that this Hootsuite employee and "hundreds of google employees" demonstrated (peacefully of course) in 2014 against the Obama-Biden strategy of separating children and their parents.

It was Obama-Biden's own laws that were responsible for these actions. Indeed, Obama was called the "Deporter-in-Chief" during his administration.

In response to another article, Sen. Bernie Saunders is complaining about Pres.Trump deciding which votes should or should not be counted. That is what the SCOTUS is for.

What does that mean? It means to me that the Democrats are not interested in the peoples' right to a fair and honest election. Sen Saunders should be enthusiastically telling his fellow democratic senators to "advise and consent."

The following comment has not been followed by Castanet, but I think it is a sad comment on the state of affairs in the U.S. Some people were so ignorant when Pres. Trump was reviewing the body of SCJ RBG.

In the middle of his visit, some people started chanting,"vote him out". This is the most disrespectful kind of attitude one can imagine. I have never heard a disparaging word against her since her death.

    Doug McNair

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