Waste of taxpayer money

Re: New trees for Stuart Park 

I am appalled at the colossal waste of money that is going on at Stuart Park. Sixteen plum trees are being removed because they were not doing well in that location.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I would imagine that the city has horticulturalists on staff who make these kinds of decisions. How is it that this tree was chosen in the first place, when it was not suited to the area? Castanet’s article cites poor soil conditions and inadequate watering. Was there no soil analysis done prior to tree selection? Did nobody have the wherewithal to realize the watering system was inadequate? Sixteen trees (city always uses mature, more expensive trees) cost us all a pretty penny. And now, sixteen new trees. More cost, not even mentioning the time and work involved to do all of this.

Cut to the present. No attempt was made to save these trees. They were simply cut down. The trees were not dead. They could have been relocated, donated to the public, or any other number of options.

Somebody should be called to task for very poor decision making.

Caroline Loesgen

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